This site has been created to give all the wonderful friends and relatives who love Gary dearly  the ability to keep updated on his journey to beat this horrible disease.  Gary has spent much of his life helping others, and it is now time to come together, and join  him in fighting his own battle.  Nobody can wave a magic wand, and make this nightmare go away, but everyone can be there to support Gary. Gary has a long miserable road ahead of him, but he will survive.


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Band Together For Gary
19 Mohawk Rd
Burlington, MA. 01803
Phone 781-552-6423
Please send all donations
Band Together For Gary Fund
C/O Cambridge Savings Bank
214 Cambridge St.
Burlington, MA 01803
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Out of sight out of mind.

On behalf of Gary and our entire family I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to visit Gary’s website. As most of you know my brother Gary was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon cancer. At first it hit like a ton of bricks. The news devastated all who knew and loved Gary. Gary was stranded in Colorado with his disabled wife Tara and two teenage daughters. He could not work, and needed to move back to Boston for treatments. I thank all our family and friends for coming together and helping Gary move home. Over the past two years Gary has been put through many surgeries, chemo, and radiation. It is not over. Gary has proven to be a fighter, and I know he will win. He still needs our help however. He has a long road ahead of him, and is not able to support himself yet. I believe knowing he is not alone in this battle is helping him. He will prevail. Please sign in his guest book and let him know you are thinking about him.